John Wills Signing 9/12/09

Local area author, John Wills will be at Simple Pleasures Books & Gifts on Saturday, September 12 from 1-4 pm. Wills is a former Chicago police officer, turned FBI agent, turned crime author. His books, “Chicago Warriors” and new release”Gripped By Fear” are Christian themed crime dramas. Wills has received praise for his novels from the law-enforcement community. Read the following comments about his newest release ” Gripped By Fear”

Praise for “Gripped By Fear”



Once again, John Wills delivers a nitty-gritty true-to-life “you can taste the atmosphere” story about the life of police officers on the often-violent streets of Chicago.  Captured in the language and with a feel that only a cop from Chicago can deliver, “Gripped By Fear”, second in the Chicago Warrior series, reveals some of the heroism, fears, motivation and courage cops everywhere can relate to.


Frank Borelli, Editor-In-Chief



“Gripped by Fear” is as authentic as it gets.  John Wills brings all of his law enforcement experience as well as his writing skills together to bring us a terrific read.”  

Lt. Randy Sutton “the most highly decorated officer in dept history”
Las Vegas Metro Police Dept
Author: “True Blue” and “A Cops Life”
LE Commentator Fox News


The second in the Chicago Warriors series, Gripped by Fear is a not only a good mystery but also an exploration of the many challenges faced by today’s law enforcement officers.  It will be of special interest to readers who enjoy books with a strong Christian theme.

Marilyn Olsen, President

Public Safety Writers Association


John M. Wills, a veteran of thirty-five years in law enforcement, both as a Chicago Police Officer and FBI Agent, writes with a keen insight and deep understanding of the criminal justice system.  His police procedural novels are unique in that they are written on two contrasting levels–the gritty, often times life threatening police incidents, and the many moral dilemmas faced by law enforcement officers in the pursuit of their duties.  In Gripped By Fear, the author has succeeded in creating police officers who are not amoral super heroes, but decent human beings, doing their best under the most difficult of circumstances.  Gripped By Fear is a great read!

Ed Kenney

Supervisor, FBI Academy Library

Special Agent (Ret)


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