Review: We Are Woman by Doreen Washington

We Are Woman DWashingtonI first met Doreen Washington at the Hanover Book Festival, and she made an immediate impression on me. She comes across as a woman of warmth and strength – engaging and very easy to talk with. During our brief conversation, she told me about the FACE Foundation (of which she is Founder and Executive Director), a resource and place of assistance for single working mothers. We also briefly discussed her book, We Are Woman, written as both a source of guidance and inspiration to all women, and as a fund-raising vehicle for her foundation. When we decided to organize our event, “Celebrating Bodacious Women,” Doreen and her book seemed like a natural fit.


The focal point of We Are Woman discusses how we, as women, have spent so much time searching for the elusive “him” that we have lost our own sense of inner strength and direction.

She cites, in one cautionary tale after another, the consequences of altering your own identity to suit another and the inherent psychological and physical repercussions of living your life in this manner. She also cites examples of strong, empowered women to remind us what we are capable of when we embrace our inner strength and focus on the things that truly matter.

While We Are Woman may appear to be anti-male, it is actually pro-active female. She reminds women of the hardships they have and continue to overcome, the strides they have made and the creativity and fortitude they have employed to get along in a world that has not always been receptive to their pursuits. Washington encourages women to “remember your ability to persevere and renew your worth.”

This is a book that woman of all ages, from teenage girls to the more mature among us, should read. We will all see ourselves – at least in part – in the pages of We Are Woman and know that we are not alone. We can take strength from both the shared struggle and the motivational message it contains.

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