Update on ” A Good Man”

A few posts back I shared my review of  A Good Man by Larry Baker. Today he shared this article from the Gazette regarding his  book and the exciting news associated with it. In my book ( pun intended) it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Here’s the link to the full article :


but in case you don’t get a chance to read the whole thing- here is the news :

Filmmakers are knocking on Larry Baker’s door again.

His third novel, “A Good Man,” is barely off the presses and already Blue Heron International Pictures is in preproduction for a documentary film involving Baker, 62, of Iowa City. He will write the screenplay and help direct “A Good Man: Fact and Fiction.” Emmy-winning actor and Grinnell College graduate Peter Coyote has signed on to narrate.

Most of the action in the novel takes place in St. Augustine, Fla., where Baker lived for three years, so most of the filming will take place in Florida.

Baker says the film is not really about him. Instead, it will look at the process of writing, publishing and selling a book. Brad Gooch of New York City, author of “Flannery: A Life of Flannery O’Connor” (Little, Brown, 2009), has agreed to discuss his book in the film, since Baker draws on O’Connor themes and characters in “A Good Man.”

Baker’s first novel, “The Flamingo Rising,” also caught filmmakers’ attention, and was turned into a Hallmark Hall of Fame television movie aired in 2001.

The preceding portion from Diana Nollen’s article referenced in the link above.

Congratulations Larry- you deserve it. A wonderful book  about a good man by a good man


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