Correction: Great Books Week

It happens to all of us, I guess… reading a date incorrectly. Not always by as much as a year- but it happens.

Yours truly was so anxious to jump on this particular bandwagon, I didn’t realize I was responding to last years topics. Color me a crimson shade of embarrassed! However- I will soldier on and get out responses for THIS YEARS TOPICS poste haste.

Never fear, I will keep the posts responding to the preceding topics up. Mostly because I put far too much time culling the list on that first topic to take it down- even though it was a lot of fun – and they were all deserving.

I will return momentarily with the correct responses- STAY TUNED!


About Simple Pleasures Bookgal

Simple Pleasures Books features a wide selection of new and used books, featuring southern authors, our local Virginia authors and specialize in women's interests. We can be contacted by message here, via email @ : via our Facebook page : SP Books & Gifts and you can follow us on Twitter
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