Great Books Week 2010- Tuesday Topic

Great Books Week 2010- Tuesdays Topic:


                        What makes a book great?


As with most things, the criteria for the greatness of a book can mean different things to different people. Some apply the classics standard; do they reach or come close to reaching the lofty standards of ‘the greats’ … whomever your list of “greats’ include. Some include a checklist of style points, as if greatness can be achieved in recipe fashion, by merely following a set formula.  Would that it were that easy…

For me, a great book has at least some of the above-mentioned components, but it must also have that one elusive element that may be singular to me. The story must touch me. I have to feel the characters as real people. Their story should be important to me, compelling me to feel some emotional investment in what they feel, think and experience. If I am moved by what the author has created then the memory of what I experienced between those pages will be as real as an actual memory for me. The characters within the pages of that book will be old friends I can recall with fondness. What better criteria for greatness?


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One Response to Great Books Week 2010- Tuesday Topic

  1. andrejcick says:

    A book that makes the outside world cease to exist is one qualification of a great book. Also a book that can draw reactions from me, and I don’t mean a sound of disgust after humming the book across the room, but laughter, tears or when I actually talk out loud to the book as if it might answer me. These books are keepers!

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