Great Books Week 2010- Wednesday’s Topic

Great Books Week 2010- Wednesday’s Topic:

            What childhood book captured your imagination?


Well.. I hate to be repetitive, but the first one that springs to mind is Charlotte’s Web. I remember reading that book for the first time and going into my backyard, to my favorite spot under our apple tree and watching a spider weave its web between one of the low branches and a nearby azalea bush. Although I had noticed this kind of activity before with interest, this time I found myself utterly captivated with the notion that this perfectly ordinary insect could possibly communicate with me as she wove her web- given the proper incentive, of course.

As I watched. I tried to think of a way to encourage that spider to spell out some special, shared communication with me. I never did come up with a way to achieve that goal, but the very fact that I considered it- however briefly- was part of the magic of that book. To me, a great children’s book is one that taps into that most special of all childhood qualities- the ability to believe the impossible is possible, the fantastic is plausible, and that true magic is possible. It is always a sad day when that belief begins to fade away. Thankfully, it is possible to remember that feeling between the covers of a great book.


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