Book Review: Senseless by Mary Burton

Review: Senseless by Mary Burton


This time of year is great for sinking your teeth into a juicy mystery, and Mary Burton has delivered up two for us over the next two months.

The first- January’s offering- Senseless is the story of Eva Rayburn, who returns to her home town of Alexandria, Virginia after serving ten years in prison for a crime she cannot remember committing. Hoping to regain some normalcy in her life and possibly gain some answers about what happened that dark night ten years past, Eva soon finds that her past is chasing her.

When murdered women start popping up, branded in a fashion that is eerily reminiscent of a mark she herself received on the night she supposedly killed a man, that is chilling enough. That the women being murdered turn out to be the very women who testified against her- her sorority sisters at the time- makes the need for answers even more compelling. Especially when the detectives in charge of the case begin to wonder if Eva is a suspect or a possible future victim.

One of the detectives on the case, Deacon Garrison, becomes interested in Eva and while he is conflicted about her past and her part in the current murders, his instincts tell him that Eva needs his protection. When Eva’s estranged half-sister, Angie becomes linked, through a client, to his case, Deacon is convinced that the current string of murders can only be solved by looking into what really happened to Eva ten years ago.

Mary Burton has created a well-paced,  engrossing mystery- or more accurately, a pair of mysteries in one- and woven the threads of  secrets of the past and the present into a seamless tapestry, sure to keep you glued to the pages until you reach the very end.  

When you do reach the final pages of Senseless, don’t think that all is back to normal for either Deacon and his partner Malcolm Kier- or for Eva and her sister Angie, a high powered defense attorney, because there’s a new killer in town… and you’ll find this one Merciless.

Mary Burton is Richmond, Virginia  author and you can learn more about her and her other novels at

Senseless released this month in paperback through Zebra Books

Merciless  releases next month, Feb. 2011 in paperback as well

Both will be available  online from Simple Pleasures Books :

as well as other online and retail outlets.


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