Review: Far from Home by Anne DeGrace

Far from Home by Anne DeGrace

In Far from Home Anne DeGrace spins a lyrical tale of the interwoven paths of several strangers who seem to have virtually nothing in common. Nothing, except for their varying stays at a little cafe that sits on just off the road on a mountain pass in the middle of nowhere – Cass’s Roadside Cafe. This unremarkable little cafe is the hub on the wheel from which DeGrace spins her literary tapestry.

The story begins – and ends – with Jo, a young woman who one day comes to the realization that her life, as she has known it, is quite simply over. Despondent, betrayed and unexpectedly pregnant, Jo packs a bag and hits the open road. After dealing with the issue of her pregnancy in the only way she can, she finds herself on the road again. This time she ends up at Cass’s Roadside Cafe.

During the course of the  story the cafe becomes a sort of halfway house on the road of life. A collection of characters pass through, sometimes just for a moment, some returning again and again, but all leaving their mark on those they meet.

Far from Home reminds us of our connectivity to others as human beings,  and the impact we have on each other no matter how brief the exchange. The characters are richly drawn and full of depth- each in their own unique way. If they share any commonality it is that they are either perceived as, or perceive themselves as misfts.But even their collective status as “misfits” does nothing to detract from the originality and whimsy that DeGrace gives this story.

Wonderfully written, with the individual traveler’s stories deftly connected into one larger story of the impact a single moment can have on our lives, DeGrace delivers a winner with Far from Home.

Published through Harper Collins and available at your local independent bookstore and other retailers.


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