Celebrating Women’s History Month

Celebrating Women’s History!

Our History is Our Strength…

A Simple Pleasures Author Event

In Celebration of Women’s History Month

Simple Pleasures Books & Gifts presents an Author Showcase

featuring local authors:

Ruth Doumlele (The Randolph Women & Their Men)


Beth Brown (Wicked Richmond)

The event will take place at Ashland Coffee & Tea on Saturday, March 12th from 12 to 3 pm.

For a map and directions to AC&T, please visit their website at:


A little about the books featured during the event:

 The Randolph Women and Their Men paints a rich and vivid portrait of post-Revolution life in the South on the scale of Gone With the Wind—only this story is true. A professional historian, Ruth Doumlele has cleverly woven the many lives of the famous and infamous of that time into one seamless narrative. While the Randolphs hold center stage, their exploits bring them together with those influential people—such as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and James Madison—who determined our nation’s legacy.

Not only does Doumlele bring to life the significant events of those turbulent years, she also provides a scintillating view of the private lives of the privileged. Incest, betrayal, unrequited love—this book reveals the sometimes shocking, often poignant, always fascinating details of these remarkable women and their men.

Wicked Richmond Cover (front/back)

Home to many of the nation’s original founders and statesmen, Richmond has a history that runs as deep as America itself. Yet within these depths lies something darker. For despite its illustrious reputation, Richmond has a sordid streak. Venture through the city’s colorful history of vice, intrigue and subterfuge with author Beth Brown as she traces the scandalous stories that pepper Richmond’s past. From colonial founding to the Prohibition era and beyond, Wicked Richmond presents a comprehensive look at the city’s murky history. Whether it’s tales of Civil War espionage, Spanish pirates captured off the Virginia coast and brought to justice in Richmond, rumrunners peddling liquor during Prohibition or the misadventures of upper-crust colonial families, Wicked Richmond captures the spirit of debauchery that runs through this historic city’s past.

So,  join us this Saturday for a fun afternoon with two Virginia authors, writing and speaking aboutVirginia women.

You can RSVP to this event via email : we4@simplepleasuresbooksandgifts.com

or on the events section of our Facebook page for S P Books & Gifts.

Hope to see you there!


About Simple Pleasures Bookgal

Simple Pleasures Books features a wide selection of new and used books, featuring southern authors, our local Virginia authors and specialize in women's interests. We can be contacted by message here, via email @ : simplepleasuresbooks@gmail.com via our Facebook page : SP Books & Gifts and you can follow us on Twitter
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