Review: Memories of You by Bobbie Cole

In an interesting twist on the typical amnesia story, Bobbie Cole delivers a romance, wrapped in a mystery, immersed in a puzzle.

When Detective Charlene (Charlie)Vargas receives a call from a voice from her past it is not just memories that are stirred up, but a mystery involving murder, espionage and corruption.

The voice on the phone belongs to a former lover of Charlie’s, a man she knew for a brief period a year ago, named Seth Taggart. The twist is, that though the voice may be Taggart’s, the face belongs to a man named Mason Aldridge . Added to that is the fact that the only memory this man has, prior to an physically altering accident that occurred in Mexico the year before, is the phone number he called to reach Charlie. His purpose in calling her is to ask her help, because he doesn’t know who he is, but he doesn’t believe he is the person those around him are claiming he is.

Initially Charlie is reticent to help. The hurt and confusion she experienced following Taggert’s  abrupt disappearance, added to a fruitless months long search for him left her stung and vulnerable. Part of her wonders if his story is some elaborate ruse, but after their first face to face meeting she begins to feel that there may be far more going on than either of them realize.

Cole tells an enjoyable and well paced story, with some nicely crafted characters. For those looking for a bit more romance in a tale such as this, you may be disappointed, but I don’t think so. In my opinion, the romantic element has been nicely balanced with the larger story resulting in a very enjoyable read full of action, intrigue and romance. For those of you making a list of great beach reads for the upcoming Spring break, you can add this to your list.

Review by

Brenda Seward

Review based on advance digital copy provided by Publisher

Memories of You by Bobbie Cole

Released through Carina Press March 2011


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    I want to read this!

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