Women’s History/ Unite Women Book Promotion

Simple Pleasures Books in support of the efforts of Unite Women.org is offering a unique opportunity to both learn about some wonderful and inspiring women and to help support a wonderful cause.

We are offering a selection of titles from our stacks at great prices with a flat nominal shipping fee. of $2.00 per order. That $2.00 fee applies whether you order 1 book or 5.

In addition, 50% of the proceeds from these sales go to fund the efforts of UniteWomen- Virginia and to help offset the cost of their rally on April 28th, 2012 in downtown Richmond, VA at Nina F. Abady Festival Park

See the Facebook Event Page Here

For those unfamiliar with the  efforts of UniteWomen.org please visit their website and also see  the post (on my non-book related blog) :

United Voices Against the War on Women http://theviewfrommyspot.wordpress.com/2012/03/18/united-voicesagainst-waronwomen/

A separate page will be added to this blog, with a listing for each title and secure    checkout.

We hope everyone can take part in our celebration of women’s rights, their past and future efforts and the rights and freedoms we all cherish and seek to uphold as human beings.

The listings/fundraising page should be up within the next day or so (by 3/28/12) and we will update here with a direct link to that page when it goes live.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Simple Pleasures Books in the past and those who join in as we support what we consider a very worthy cause.

Warmest Regards to Our Readers,

SPBookgal, Brenda Seward, Owner- Simple Pleasures Books

Disclaimer: The author is State Sponsor Liaison for UniteWomen-Virginia. However, she is not involved in the financial or book-keeping areas of that organization. Further UniteWomen.org is a grassroots organization . It is NOT a non-profit organization. Donations are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Purchases made on the Fundraising page are subject to Virginia Sales Tax. 

About Simple Pleasures Bookgal

Simple Pleasures Books features a wide selection of new and used books, featuring southern authors, our local Virginia authors and specialize in women's interests. We can be contacted by message here, via email @ : simplepleasuresbooks@gmail.com via our Facebook page : SP Books & Gifts and you can follow us on Twitter
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