A Glance Back at Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series

One for the Money

Janet Evanovich

The first book of the Stephanie Plum series grabs a person’s interest right from the beginning. One For the Money explains how the wise-cracking, ex-lingerie buyer, Stephanie Plum became a bounty hunter.  Surrounded by past-due bills and watching her car being towed away, sends Plum to her cousin Vinnie, blackmailing her way into a job. An exciting ride from beginning to end and sweetened by the beautiful revenge of chasing after an ex-lover turned dirty cop. The plot thickens farther than Stephanie would have ever expected and will leave you craving the next book.

Two for the Dough

Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum returns in Two for the Dough with a deadly new adventure filled with sexual intrigue from two very different leading men.  Joe Moreilli, the New Jersey vice cop who spends his spare time charming the panties off of the burg’s ladies -especially Stephanie.  The other is Ranger Manoso second-generation Cuban-American, ex-special forces, a top rate bounty hunter and sexy as hell. Both attempt to help Stephanie as she hunts a crazed man who likes to leave behind body parts and just happens to be Moreilli’s cousin.  Joining Stephanie as a sort of sleuth in training is Grandma Mazur, as spunky as ever, offering her expertise in funeral home knowledge.  This is the second installment of Janet Evanovich’s addictive Stephanie Plum series.


Three to Get Deadly

Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum is faced with her most difficult FTA (Failure-to Appear) yet, in the third book of the series. Uncle Mo, is seen as a pillar of the community until he is pulled over for speeding and arrested for carry a concealed weapon.  Stephanie is left wondering why the man who is loved by all in the burg and well known as the sweet old man that sells penny candies to children didn’t show up for his court date. A man, who has actually, seemed to disappear altogether.  At first, feeling guilty for chasing after such a sweet old man; Stephanie’s feelings quickly shift to suspicion.  Stephanie is faced with one misfortune after another as she is hunted by men in ski-masks, is tortured and ends up with clown orange hair. During all of this, a vigilante team has begun a killing spree on the drug dealers that run rampant through the neighborhood, and Stephanie’s love life takes an interesting turn. This is certainly a must-read and will keep you flipping pages up to the explosive end.


Four to Score

Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum is faced with a woman scorned, who just happens to be a fan of James Bond and cryptography.  Capturing this FTA won’t be as simple as she had originally thought. She’ll need a little something more than her regular cohorts Grandma Mazur and ex-hooker Lula. This time she recruits the help of cross-dressing rocker Sally Sweet, who happens to have a knack for cryptic messages left all around town. Plum will certainly have her hands full when she loses her new car, her apartment, and is forced to move in with, none other than, vice cop Joe Morelli.  The Morelli family soon has her wedding and three strapping boys planned for her future. To turn all this down may come with the threat of the evil eye. And to top it all off, her uncle Vinnie has hired her arch-enemy Joyce Barnhardt, as a fellow bounty hunter and decided it would be interesting to see who can get the FTA first.  This was an action packed read that left me tearing through the pages.

High Five

Janet Evanovich

When a shortage of bond-jumpers occurs, Stephanie starts thinking about a change in career. Two months behind in rent is a good inducement. The only bounty hunter gig she manages to get is hunting down a ‘little person’ with a serious attitude and after capture holds a consequence she wishes later she didn’t have to pay.  When she approaches fellow bounty-hunter, Ranger about a job, he hires her on for a trial period doing various jobs. Each job is stranger than the next but comes with the opportunity to get to know a little more about the mysterious man she has come to admire, one Ranger Manoso.  Just so that life doesn’t seem boring; some ignorant judge as released psycho, boxer Benito Ramirez- out on bail. Benito has learned an appreciation for religion, and now wants to send women to meet Jesus and he wants to start with Stephanie. This book kept me laughing and intrigued. In my opinion, Evanovich has created a series where you can’t ‘read just one’.


Hot Six

Janet Evanovich

Hot Six is the perfect title for this Evanovich book in the Stephanie Plum series. It includes many Hot moments between Stephanie and the two leading men in her life. Stephanie and vice cop Joe Morelli are on the hunt for more than a moment alone , now that Grandma Mazur has decided to move in. Sexy and mysterious Ranger Manoso is wanted by the police for questioning on a mob hit, and the Plum Bond Agency has asked Stephanie to track him down on a FTA on carrying a concealed weapon charge.  Stephanie can either hunt him down herself or face seeing him captured by arch-enemy Joyce Barnhardt. Her cousin Vinnie isn’t the only one encouraging her to find Ranger. She also has a mob boss sicking his cronies on her and threatening physical harm if she doesn’t take the job. Her entire life seems to be taken over as she is surrounded by the mob, two interesting new friends decide to hop in and out of her home at odd moments, and she is forced to permanently dog-sit a friend’s golden retriever mutt. This is a hot, fast-paced, action ride. I tore through it in a few hours and it left me wanting more.

Seven Up

Janet Evanovich

This book is slam packed with drama and comedy, leaving you to wonder how one person can deal with it all. When Joe asks Stephanie to marry him and the whole family starts planning their wedding, Stephanie is faced with the decision of does she want to marry Joe or have a steamy little something-something with Ranger Manoso. A retired mobster makes for a very difficult capture for bounty-hunter Stephanie Plum and at the same time Ranger asks her to put in some time working surveillance on the mob boss’ son. Mooney and the Dealer, two oddball friends of Plum, disappear one after the other leaving Stephanie worried and desperate to find them alive. Regardless to the fact that she’s supposed to be dragging in her FTA, she spends the majority of her time hunting down her missing friends and playing chauffer to a mob boss.  Seven Up was filled with Plum’s usual hi-jinx and some very memorable characters.  I would definitely categorize this as a must-read.


Hard Eight

Janet Evanovich

A homicidal maniac chooses Stephanie as his victim of choice in the eighth installment of the Stephanie Plum series. Abruzzi likes to think of himself as a sort of godfather general with a small army to back him up. When something is stolen from him he decides the only one that can get it back is Stephanie and seeing as she’s not willing to get it back for him- she must be his enemy. What do you do to an enemy? Well, if you’re a homicidal maniac, you become their worst fear before you finally destroy them mind and body. The only people who Stephanie feels safe with are Joe Morelli, who until recently she was engaged to and her phantom mentor Ranger Manoso.  She doesn’t fell completely comfortable with Joe since they both came to the angry conclusion that they just weren’t compatible enough right now to marry. That left Ranger, who had given her a kind of deal when it came to asking for his help. The only problem was she didn’t know if she was brave enough to accept his offer. Through all of the terrifying little gifts left for her by Abruzzi, Plum proves to be one of the worst bounty hunters in the history of the profession.  This was an excellent fast-paced read, but the best parts were definitely the sparks flying between Stephanie and Ranger.

Visions of Sugar Plums

Janet Evanovich

This was a Christmas special book, that is sort of an 8 ½ in the Stephanie Plum bounty –hunter series. Stephanie wakes up a few days before Christmas to find a strange man sitting on her couch. His name is Diesel and it turns out that he’s been sent to Stephanie to teach her the meaning of Christmas. Also, he need to get her help in apprehending Ring, an old man with special powers that just happens to be on the war path to destroy Sandy Claws. Sandy Claws is a toy maker who is recruiting elves for his toy factory and as coincidence would have it is Stephanie’s FTA gone missing. To spice up the holiday season, someone discovers they may be adding to the Plum family tree. It was an interesting idea, but it was not anywhere near as good as the preceding books of the series.


Reviews by Stacey Cook

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