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Super Diaper Baby by George Beard & Harold Hutchins

Super Diaper Baby George Beard and Harold Hutchins It was about a baby that was born and flung out a window. He’s now a super hero for all the nice things he did. Super Diaper Baby’s arch-enemy is Deputy Doo-doo … Continue reading

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Kids Corner Review: Terrible, Awful Horrible Manners by Beth Bracken

Admin’s Note: I’ve previously down the book reviews in The Kid’s Corner  and as you’ve probably noticed we haven’t had one here in a while. Well, I decided to take advantage of the wealth of opinion that resides with my … Continue reading

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Great Books Week- Tuesday’s Topic

The National Association of Independent Writers & Editors is sponsoring the Great Books Week Blog Tour by posing a series of questions for thoughtful discussion about Great Books. Since we like nothing more than talking about books… well, except for … Continue reading

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